Absorb Plus Carbohydrates

  • The principle carbohydrate in Absorb Plus is maltodextrin (derived from Non-GMO Tapioca – cassava root). Maltodextrin has a slower uptake to the bloodstream, thereby helping to avoid the ‘sugar high’ and resultant crash you can get from many liquid shake products.
  • Absorb Plus contains mostly maltodextrin and is sweetened with Stevia (herb), dextrose or fructose – the same amount of natural fructose found in a small-medium sized apple – and NO sugar (sucrose).
  • Absorb Plus is also available in a completely Unsweetened Vanilla flavor

Other Products

  • Most commercial elemental shake products derive a majority of their calories from lots of oil (can result in intestinal spasming) and lots of sugar. Neither of these ingredients is particularly healthy, nor likely to result in healthy muscle (not fat).
  • Their ratio of sugar to maltodextrin is not ideal (too much sugar), since sugar is a cheaper ingredient than maltodextrin.

Absorb Plus Carbohydrates

The carbohydrate mix is composed mostly of tapioca maltodextrin (from cassava root), which has a slower uptake into the bloodstream than glucose or fructose. This helps you avoid getting a ‘sugar rush’ with the resultant high-low mood cycle. This also reduces osmotic pressure and provides for variable absorption rates of glucose.

If a large amount of glucose hits the bloodstream all at once, it produces a spike in blood sugar, which results in an energy ‘high’ followed by a crash. Having the highest proportion of carbohydrate as tapioca maltodextrin helps avoid this problem.

The next highest carbohydrate component is dextrose or fructose, which is the natural sugar derived from fruit and some vegetables. Dextrose is a monosaccharide used in IV electrolyte solutions and natural fructose is also a monosaccharide (single sugar molecule) and therefore should be safe for those with a sugar allergy or sensitivity. The amount of natural fructose per serving is equivalent to the amount found in a medium-sized apple.